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Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC
Specializing in crime, trauma, disaster & bio-hazardous cleaning.

Nationally Certified by
The American Bio-Recovery Association
Licensed by the North Carolina Mortuary Board
Hazmat & Hazwoper certified
Certified Firefighter
Certified Mass Casualty Incident Commander


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"Dear Mark,
My most sincere thanks for your help on Thursday evening. We have been through so much stress and heartache, and you and your team were absolutely the help that we needed at the time. You all have hearts for service, and your good nature is so inspirational. Thank you, thank you!

Please allow us to return your kind favor. If there is anything that we can do to help, don't hesitate to ask --recommendations, networking, or technology advice (from Trey once things settle down). We would like to assist y'all as you continue your excellent service to others."
- Lindsay


I just got on Facebook and saw you on here. I just want to really thank you for what you did for me after my daughter, Brittany Bridges, was murdered last August. It is so overwhelming when something happens and one has no idea what you are supposed to do. Thank God for people like you who come in and clean up the reminders of the tragedy left behind. I moved into the house in October with my son and Kyndall, as it is her house. It was not as difficult as I thought because I chose to focus on the many good memories made in this home and not the one tragic moment in this house. Strangely, I feel closest to Brittany here. Thanks again for all you did, I cannot say it enough!!
Tammy Wright, Patrick, and Kyndall Bridges


Hi, Mark....Just heard from Toni...THANK YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!! Your REALLY FAST response and completion of the very hard work was amazing! Plus, she said you and your guys were really, really SWEET. As I'm sure you know, the whole experience was extremely emotional for her on many levels so your kind
TLC meant EVERYTHING! She thanked and thanked me for finding you. I'm just sorry I wasn't able to meet and thank you all in person. =( The immeasurable life-changing benefits of your labor today will be with us for the rest of our lives. =)
Most Gratefully Yours,


THANKS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH..I gave a little extra for you guys... YOU ROCK! least part of my sanity has been restored..I will recommend you guys to everyone I know. Thanks for all your kindness and understanding ..this was not an easy thing for me to do but you made it much easier...I love all you guys!!!!...Toni

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Mark Fagala, the founder of Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC has been serving the Carolina's since 1988. Mark and his father Otis ran the mortuary division providing transportation & embalming service to funeral homes as well The North Carolina State Medical Examiner's Office. After years of serving as a contract agent for the State ME Office the same questions were being asked.
Family members and property owners mistakenly thought that the police and the medical examiner would clean up after a traumatic death.  After being told that these authorities did not clean these scenes, families had no recourse but to do it themselves. After Mark's father past away he expanded the business and started offering crime scene cleaning (bio-recovery).  Mark went to Ohio and took the American Bio-recovery Association's course & test in 2004. ABRA is a nonprofit organization which promotes education, proficiency, and ethical standards for bio-recovery services. Members are sworn to uphold the highest levels of industry performance. This young industry is basically unregulated and is populated by companies with varying degrees of knowledge and abilities. That is why it is so important to know as much as possible about the companies that you may be referring, or contracting with.

Why Call Fagala Biohazard Specialists?
Mark and his family have been in the death industry for 20 years. This is all we do. We don't just "dabble" in this, we live this every day. Don't be mistaken, we ARE NOT your local merry maid or a nationwide chain, we service North and South Carolina. We are trained for Biohazard Recovery. Most "mop and bucket brigade" personnel are not trained or equipped to handle biohazardous wastes such as blood or bodily fluids. We will assist you in filing your insurance and in most cases. Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC is the only North Carolina company recognized and endorsed by The Department of Forensic Cleaning.

We have been actively referred by Police, Coroners, Funeral Directors, EMS and Victim Advocates Counselors since the biohazard division has been launched with a 100% recovery rate on every scene. We specialize in crime, trauma, disaster and bio-hazardous cleaning. We provide services to residential, commercial and industrial environments, which have been affected by the presence of biological infectious waste, blood or body fluids. We offer complete odor neutralization of any affected area. Other recovery services include, Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Decontamination, Biological Terrorism, Mass Casualty Scenes, Disease Outbreaks, Communicable Disease Infection Control and Medical Waste Transport, Treatment and Disposal

Suicide...Homicide...Decomposition...Trauma Scene Cleanup
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I give my highest recommendation to Fagala Biohazard Specialists (FBS) in assisting with any needs regarding hoarding circumstances. My family and I will be forever grateful to Mark and his team for their outstanding services.

Following the death of a relative, we were hopelessly overwhelmed with the hoarding conditions left. Not knowing who to turn to for help, we found the FBS web page and called for information. We immediately knew this was the right team for the job.

Mark and his entire team went "above and beyond" to handle the situation appropriately, efficiently and diligently. Each member of FBS was extremely professional, courteous and hardworking. Thirty years worth of hoarded materials only took FBS a day and a half to conquer.

Thank you Mark and Fagala Biohazard Specialists for your dedication, compassion and exceptional work.

Ronda E. Carpenter



Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC

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