Homicide Cleanup

Often times, a crime results in traumatic injuries that leave blood and other biohazards at the scene.
After the first responders, EMTs, and coroners leave, family members and business owners are faced with the task of cleaning up.
Effecient cleanup allows family and business to move on and open safely.

We Are Here To Help
• Cleanup After A Homicide
• Most Cases Covered By Insurance
• Friendly & discreet professional services

Crime Scene Cleanup – Why Is It So Difficult?
Aside from the emotional aspect, the blood, fluids, and tissue must be cleaned up quickly and safely. Biohazard cleanup requires expert knowledge and special safety, handling, and disposal procedures.

How Much Does It Cost?
If you have homeowners insurance, chances are that you will only be responsible for your deductible. In most cases, homeowner insurance will cover the cost of our services as well as the replacement of any items that are contaminated and cannot be safely cleaned.

Renters insurance may cover the cost of cleaning personal property. We offer free estimates, call us today.

What Does Fagala Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleanup Company Do?
We disinfect, clean and remove all biohazards that are present. Cleanup is needed on ceiling, walls, furniture, personal items, vents, and even light fixtures.
Each tiny spot and square-inch in a room that is exposed to a biohazard is considered a potential source of infection or odor.

We know what to look for. A thumbnail spot on the carpet might mean a two-foot diameter bloodstain on the padding under it or on the floorboard. A drop of blood on the top of a dresser drawer may indicate more blood inside, behind, or even under the dresser. We will make sure that every inch is free of biohazards so that you don’t have to worry in the future.

What To Expect When We Come?
When our team arrives, it will be in an unmarked vehicle. We do not want to draw additional attention to your home or business.

Working With your Insurance
We will work directly with insurance adjusters to secure payment for our services. Over the years, we have worked with many different insurance providers and, in most cases, the only expense incurred by the insured has been the typical deductible.

Call Fagala Biohazard at any time to discuss your needs and to answer any questions at 704-290-6095