The Highest Quality Crime Scene Cleaning

Detailed crime scene cleaning is not just something you see on television dramas. In fact, there are approximately 506 different businesses in the United States that are dedicated to crime scene cleaning. Together, these businesses employ approximately 1,300 people across the country. Those interested in this line of work will be happy to know that […]

Three Benefits of the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry

High tech crime scene clean up companies are one of the most important assets within the worlds of both law enforcement and public health and safety. In the United States, the crime scene technician industry has generated approximately $346 million dollars in revenue. In addition to providing a large number of jobs, the industry also […]

Everything You Never Knew About Crime Scene Clean Up

As bleak as death is, it’s ultimately just another part of life. And because death has a tendency to strike anyone at any given time, it doesn’t tend to happen under ideal circumstances. In other words, not every death can be due to natural causes in a warm hospital bed after living a long, full […]